Well, if you are, read on. In 2007, it was estimated that more than 50 million surgeries were carried out in US. With such a huge number, it is not surprising that there were many surgical errors, including cases of Maryland medical malpractice. If you’re looking for a Silver Spring personal injury lawyer contact Goldberg Finnegan today.

If you or someone you love has been harmed because of a surgical error, you may have case that entitles compensation. Contact our Silver Spring medical malpractice attorneys to learn more during a free, no obligation consultation.

Unfortunately, nationwide, these surgical errors cause the deaths of 98,000 lives every year according to the Institute of Medicine. And then there are cases of serious implications due to surgical errors. So, it is better for you and your loved ones to know about possible surgical errors and possible causes of medical malpractice. Some of them are use of unsanitary surgical tools, puncture of organ, surgery of the wrong organ, and delayed and/or prolonged surgery.

The most common errors occur in plastic surgery, childbirth, gastric bypass, cardiothoracic, thoracic surgery and laparoscopic intestinal surgery. For those who are thinking of going for plastic surgery, think twice. Liposuction, breast implants and face lifts have been known to have surgical errors.

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