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Can My Boss Force Me Back to Work Too Soon After an Injury?

Work injuries place employees under a lot of unexpected pressure. In addition to doctor’s appointments and reduced wages, an employer may be pushing them to return to work. Many employees may comply, thinking they could be fired or that their boss has… Read More

Am I Covered For Injuries Caused by Workplace Violence?

In Maryland, like other states, workers’ compensation covers medical costs and provides other benefits to covered employees who get hurt on the job. However, what if the injury is caused by workplace violence? Are employees who get injured in that way… Read More

Is Settling My Maryland Workers’ Comp Claim a Good Idea?

After suffering an injury on the job, Maryland workers’ compensation provides weekly benefits for medical care, lost wages, disability payments, and more. However, some injured employees in this situation may opt to pursue a lump sum workers’ comp settlement… Read More

Can I Start a New Job While Receiving Workers' Comp Benefits?

It is not uncommon for employees to consider looking for a new job or career change after suffering a work-related injury. Sometimes injured employees are eager to find a new type of work in a lower-risk industry. In other situations, they may simply… Read More

What Happens to Your Workers’ Comp Benefits if You Lose Your Job?

One thing an injured worker on workers’ compensation likely does not plan for is getting fired or laid off from his or her job. Your employer may have fired you in retaliation for seeking workers’ compensation benefits, which is against the law. However,… Read More

If You Are Injured at Work

If you are injured at work in any of the three surrounding jurisdictions (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia), you are legally entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim for those injuries. While there are some differences among the workers’… Read More

Death Benefits from Maryland Workers' Compensation Claims

When a workplace injury causes a worker's death, the spouse, children and other dependents may be entitled to benefits through Maryland's workers' compensation system. If you lost a loved one because of a workplace accident, there are several things you… Read More

Missteps That May Hurt Your Chances of Recovering Workers' Compensation Benefits

If you have sustained an injury or illness at work, filing a workers’ compensation claim may provide compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, the claims process can be complicated and confusing, which is why workers often make… Read More

What to Know About Occupational Diseases and Workers' Compensation

Some jobs can cause workers to develop severe, disabling conditions that can affect them for a long time. These occupational diseases might be covered by Maryland's workers' compensation system. More information can be found below about these conditions… Read More

Can I Get Workers' Compensation for Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries are common work-related injuries. If you believe that you may suffer from a condition of this nature, it is important that you understand Maryland’s workers’ compensation rules to know if your… Read More

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