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Do I Need a Lawyer for My Workers' Compensation Claim?

Many workers compensation claims are complicated and will require the skilled guidance of a trusted attorney. You should consider hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer in Silver Spring to help with your claim if: You suffered severe injuries You… Read More

Types of Maryland Workers' Compensation Benefits and How They are Paid

Workers who have been approved for workers’ compensation benefits in Maryland can expect to receive their first check within 15 days after an award is made or payment is due, whichever is later. It is important to note that the Maryland Workers’ Compensation… Read More

What Does Workers' Compensation Cover?

With few exceptions, every employer in Maryland is required to carry workers’ compensation coverage for employees. This provides compensation for workers who are injured while on the job. However, workers’ compensation does not cover all injuries to… Read More

What to Do If You Are Hurt at Work in Maryland

Workers’ compensation is the primary source for payment for lost time from work and medical expenses for Maryland workers who have been injured at work. Although the workers’ compensation system is designed to provide timely payment of all benefits,… Read More

Filing a Claim for Maryland Workers’ Compensation

Dealing with an on-the-job injury or illness can leave an injured worker at a loss for what to do next. Filing for workers’ compensation can be a complicated process as there are a number of important steps you must follow to file a claim in Maryland. Below,… Read More

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