NE Baltimore Crash Leaves Two Police Officers, Two Children Injured

Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Aug 14, 2014 in Car Accidents

NE Baltimore Crash Leaves Two Police Officers, Two Children Injured

A car crash in Northeast Baltimore injured two police officers and two children on Wednesday, Aug. 13, police say.

A spokesperson for the department explained that the officers were responding to a vehicle accident at approximately 10 a.m. when the collision took place at the intersection of Plainfield and Frankford avenues in the neighborhood of Frankford.

According to reports, the law enforcement vehicle sustained a great deal of damage, with the front windshield completely destroyed and smashed in. The other vehicle involved in the accident, an SUV, had to have the drivers side door removed for the passengers to exit.

Investigators note that the accident likely occurred just past a stop sign on Plainfield as the officers drove through the intersection. The SUV was driving along Frankford at the time of impact, where there is no stop sign.

Area residents say auto accidents along these streets are common, and many believe creating a four-way stop there would help prevent more from occurring.

Neighbors reported that they did not hear any sirens before the crash took place. Of the six people involved in the crash, the two police officers have been reported to be in serious condition, while the injuries of the two children traveling in the SUV have only been described as non-life threatening.

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