Bladensburg Fire Truck and Jeep Crash in Maryland

Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Feb 21, 2011 in Car Accidents

Car Crash in BladensburgOn Friday there was an accident involving a Bladensburg Fire Truck (Truck 809) and a Jeep in Bladensburg, MD which is in Prince George's County, MD. Six people went to the hospital as a result of this crash. The accident occurred near Kenilworth Avenue and Decatur Street in Bladensburg, MD.

Anyone injured in this crash should know that there is a very strict notice requirement that is actually quite complicated.

Proper notice needs to be given to the Bladensburg Fire Department (well, actually to the City of Bladensburg), which is, in all likelihood, defined as a "Local Government" under the Local Government Tort Claims Act of the Maryland Code. To be safe, notice should probably also be given to Prince George's County and the State of Maryland. This is a very complicated area of the law and I would strongly recommend that anyone involved in this Blandensburg accident with the fire department vehicle hire an attorney to make sure that the Maryland "notice" requirements are properly addressed (180 days under the local government tort claims act). 

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