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Burn Injury LawyerBurns can not only damage through all the layers of skin, muscle, nerve ending with excruciating pain, but is mentally and psychologically scarring as well.

The horrifying experience is hard to grasp unless you have experienced it, and if you have then you may be in need of help from compassionate experts to insure your hospital bills are paid and you are compensated for whatever loss you are suffering now, or will suffer in the future.

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Options For Uninsured Burn Victims

Burn injuries not only affect the person burned, but the entire family. The time needed to heal, will sometimes take a lifetime. Third degree burns can cause severe complications resulting in disfigurement, infection, possible amputations, and physical pain because of the damage to the nervous system. The pain and suffering is unbearable, the hospital and doctor bills are very expensive, and many hospitals will not give continued care unless the person has substantial money or insurance.

...uninsured burn victims would receive Medicare coverage immediately to guarantee victims receive the kind of care as they need...

The seriousness of needed quality care for those who have suffered from burn injuries were expounded upon in 2009 by Senator Kerry, as he introduced a bill to that uninsured burn victims would receive Medicare coverage immediately to guarantee victims receive the kind of care as they need it rather than having to wait at the end of a 24 month line.

This is an opportunity to provide burn victims with the best possible circumstances for recovery, said Sen. Kerry. This legislation will help ensure that treatment for these types of injuries is immediate, comprehensive, and in the best interest of the patient. It will also provide burn centers with the support they need as we ask them to expand their capacity and prepare for catastrophic cases.

While burns can occur from a number of things, chemicals, fire, scalding water, car accidents, electricity, all forms of burns are painful, and if the person suffering is doing so because of the lack of an individual or a company to exhibit proper care, or because of another's negligence, then that person or company are responsible for the injury and must be held to answer for the infliction of the burn injury and the trauma suffered by the victim.

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Lawyer Kevin GoldbergIf your loved one fell victim and died from a burn injury, and this was because of a direct or indirect action or negligence of another party or company, then the responsible party can be ordered to pay compensation for wrongful death.

Any death that is not natural and is caused by the negligence (or even comparable negligence) of another is punishable, and compensation should be made to the children and spouse of the decedent.

If you are a burn victim, or suffering the tragic loss of your spouse or parent, you should not be made to suffer. You should not have to worry about losing your home, or how you are going to support your family. You have enough to deal with, we can help with the rest.

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