New Car Technology Confusing Drivers

Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Oct 21, 2015 in Car Accidents

new car technologyWhile intended to improve vehicle and roadway safety, new car technology lacks education and standardization, which is causing dangerous confusion among drivers. Vehicle owners are bombarded with high-tech features that vary from car to car, but there is no educational material advising them on how to use them.

Vehicle safety features have come a long way and offer a great potential to cut down the number of traffic-related deaths and injuries each year. Over recent years, advanced safety technology is becoming more common on all models of vehicles, regardless of class or cost. Unfortunately, not everyone knows or is comfortable using the technology their vehicles offer.

Education for Safety Features

Drivers need an explanation of vehicle features so they can take advantage of technology meant to improve their safety. Forty percent of drivers report unexpected vehicle behaviors. When drivers don't understand the function of certain technologies or do not expect a vehicle to behave a certain way, they may be startled while driving and become uneasy toward safety features.

To combat driver confusion, the National Safety Council has teamed up with the University of Iowa and the Department of Transportation to launch a driver education campaign. Their goal is to make drivers aware of how various vehicle safety features work. The campaigns informative website,, has videos and other resources demonstrating many vehicle safety technologies to better educate drivers.

Standard Solutions

Lack of education isn't the only problem; standardization of safety features does not exist. Features in one vehicle may be nonexistent in the next, making it difficult for drivers to understand and utilize technologies when driving a new car or a rental.

A new agreement between the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and 10 auto manufacturers aims to standardize automatic braking systems in vehicles in the future, though a timeline hasn't been decided. There are also a number of other technology features that need to be addressed by the NHTSA.

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