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Man Loses Part of Skull from Energy Drink Consumption

A woman is speaking out after her husband’s energy drink consumption caused him to suffer a brain hemorrhage that left him with a hole in his skull. In a Facebook post, the woman shared her heart-wrenching story about her husband’s battle with a severe… Read More

Another Teen Dies After Consuming Energy Drinks

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sean Cripe and the entire the family of Davis Cripe. News outlets report that Davis Cripe, age 16, died on April 26, 2017 after consuming a Mountain Dew, a caffè latte and an energy drink within a couple of hours. The… Read More

The Dangers of High Levels of Caffeine

Caffeine can be found almost everywhere. It is in our coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate and ice cream. It is also found in energy drinks and even your energy water. Although caffeine is harmless in small quantities, it can cause serious injury and… Read More

U.S. Military Warns of Energy Drink Dangers

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is warning military members that over consumption of energy drinks can cause serious harm and that there are “real reasons” to avoid overuse of the drinks. The warning, published on the official U.S. Defense Department… Read More

Man’s Hepatitis Associated with High Consumption of Energy Drinks

Earlier this month, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a case study about a 50-year-old Florida construction worker who developed chronic hepatitis after excessive energy drink consumption. The man originally thought he was experiencing flu-like… Read More

U.S. Study Links Energy Drinks to Abnormal Heart Rhythm and More

A new study shows that consuming energy drinks on a consistent basis can raise the risk for an abnormal heart rhythm, as well as increase blood pressure. The data suggests that people with heart problems should be especially cautious. The study, conducted… Read More

Studies Continue to Link Energy Drinks to Negative Cardiovascular Events

Two new studies are once again linking cardiovascular issues to the consumption of energy drinks. One study published in the International Journal of Cardiology, Australia, surveyed patients between the ages of 13 and 40 who had been hospitalized for… Read More

Will Red Bull and Vodka Go The Way of The Stage Coach?

Advisory Committee to 2015 Federal Dietary Guidelines Makes Key Finding That Energy Drinks and Alcohol Should Not Be Consumed Together. On January 7, 2016 the United States Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) issued new dietary… Read More

Energy Drinks Could Spike Glucose and Insulin

In a new study by Canadian researchers, it was revealed that sugar free, energy drink shots can lead to a spike in glucose and insulin levels amongst teens. Consumption of these drinks raised concerns about insulin resistance dangers and type 2 diabetes… Read More

Energy Drinks Do More Harm than Good

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the consumption of energy drinks increases the risk of cardiovascular problems and heart disease, even in young adults. The study found that consumption of energy… Read More

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