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Dealing with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

Our Law Firm continues to represent individuals, small businesses, fishermen and oystermen with losses as a result of the Gulf Oil Spill. We represent claimants before the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and also in Court Proceedings in the Eastern District… Read More

Goldberg's Response to Washington Post Article About Spillionaires

Our law firm, in conjunction with Finckbeiner & Robin, represent many of the fishermen, oystermen and small business owners that reside in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana in their Gulf Oil Spill Claims. These hard working individuals have had their lives… Read More

Gulf Oil Spill Update & Information

Today there was a status conference with Judge Barbier regarding the status of this litigation. No major rulings were issued. However lots of information was presented which people may want to know about. 1. The first trial is set for February 27, 2012.… Read More

Some things to Consider Before Signing a Final Release With GCCF

Set forth below is a white paper containing things for victims of the Gulf Oil Spill to consider before signing a final release. Everyone's situation is different, but the legal claims arising from the Gulf Oil Spill are indeed complicated and I think… Read More

Feinberg Treating Louisiana Fisherman Poorly

Today there was an excellent article in the Times Picayune about how Kenneth Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) are failing the fishermen in Louisiana. The article discusses how the GCCF has made ridiculously high claims payouts to people… Read More

Gulf Oil Spill's Impact on Maryland and D.C. Seafood Industry

Those living in the Gulf States are not the only ones feeling the impact of the Gulf Oil Spill caused by British Petroleum. Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. businesses including wholesalers, seafood purchasers, retailers, restaurants and grocery… Read More

Has Your Maryland Business Been Impacted By The BP Oil Spill?

Many businesses in Maryland, including restaurants, seafood distributors, and seafood wholesalers are beginning to feel the economic impact of the Gulf Oil Spill. Seafood prices are already on the rise, and many small businesses are hesitant to pass these… Read More

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