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Filing a Maryland Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The loss of a loved one because of another’s actions is devastating. Although there is nothing that can be done to bring back the person you lost, you may have legal options for obtaining compensation that can help cover some of the losses you are experiencing. Maryland’s… Read More

Traffic Deaths Jump Nine Percent in First Half of 2016

The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates 19,100 people have died in automobile accidents on U.S. roads in the first six months of 2016 – up nine percent over the same period last year and 18 percent over the same period in 2014. From January through… Read More

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning to Blame in Deaths of Princess Anne Family

There's a mix of shock and disbelief in a small Eastern Shore community as authorities confirm accidental carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for claiming the lives of a father and his seven children. Inside a home in Princess Anne, about 60 miles… Read More

What is the value of a death case in Maryland?

Families of those who lose a loved one often want to know what the value is of the legal claims that can be brought against those responsible for the death. How in the world can anyone put a value on someone's life? Therefore, at the outset, I am reminded… Read More

Handling Wrongful Death Cases in Maryland

Resolving a wrongful death claim in Maryland can be complicated. In Maryland a wrongful death lawsuit must include all potential wrongful death beneficiaries as either plaintiffs or use plaintiffs. Otherwise any wrongful death settlement could be vacated.… Read More

What are my rights for a Wrongful Death Claim in Maryland?

Many people are confused over their rights when a loved one dies in Maryland. This is for good reason, as Maryland's wrongful death act is indeed complicated, even for attorneys. Generally speaking, when someone in Maryland dies as a result of the negligence… Read More

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