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Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Jan 15, 2018 in Oil Spill

Well, I just got back from another trip to St. Bernard Parish Louisiana. The people there are still struggling. Although some of the waters are now open for fishing, the charter boat operators do not have enough customers. I have heard first-hand accounts of how there are not nearly as many shrimp as there once were for the Louisiana shrimpers and fishermen. As of Monday August 23, 2010 BP Closed down their claims operations and those making claims are now required to file with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. For more information about this new claims process and what damages are recoverable, please check out this video:

Although Kenneth Feinberg has indicated that businesses that are not in close proximity to the Gulf do not have a valid claim, we continue to believe that businesses and individuals that suffered losses as a result of the Gulf Oil Spill may indeed have a valid legal claim under the Oil Pollution Act, and therefore a claim should be submitted to the GCCF. The GCCF will be making emergency payments for up to 6 months. Then you must submit your final claim. Again, for more information about the process check out the video above.

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