Death of 39 Year Old D.C. Resident Likely Paramedic Negligence

Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Dec 08, 2008 in Medical Malpractice

Edward Givens, age 39 died at his home in Washington, DC. He was having chest pain and had his family call an ambulance. When the ambulance workers arrived, they told his family that he was most likely simply suffering from acid reflux or indigestion and told him to take an antacid. The paramedics EMT workers left without taking him to the hospital, and without allowing a medical doctor or cardiologist to evaluate him. Shortly after they left, he died of a heart attack.

His family needs to act quickly and put the D.C. Government on notice of their intent to bring a legal claim against the government. They only have 180 days to do this under Section 12-309 of the D.C. Code. Negligence claims against the D.C. government are not capped. This unfortunate incident should not have happened. Possible causes of action include negligence, medical malpractice, wrongful death and survival. Our law firm has a team of Washington D.C. and Maryland medical malpractice lawyers trained to evaluate cases like this. For example, Jean Jones is an attorney and a Registered Nurse.

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