Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in Maryland and Surrounding States

Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Oct 04, 2012 in Drug Litigation

Needle.jpgThe CDC has reported a fungal meningitis outbreak, and has linked the problem to epidural steroid injections used to treat back pain. 35 cases have been reported with cases in Maryland, Virginia, NC, TN and Florida.

Victims who have contracted the meningitis have died and others are seriously injured. If you or a loved one have received injections for back pain and have odd symptoms such as headaches, dizziness or difficulty walking you should contact your doctor right away.

We have learned that New England Compounding Center in Framingham Mass apparently voluntarily recalled three lots of 80 mg injections of methylprednisolone acetate (PF).

You may wonder, what is meningitis? Meningitis is a medical condition when the spine becomes inflamed due to bacteria and/or viruses. The fungal meningitis that is the subject of this particular outbreak is not believed to be contagious from person to person. That said, however, the fungal meningitis condition is difficult to treat. It is often found in those with compromised immune systems such as cancer patients and individuals who are HIV positive.

NBC News has reported that 35 people have been diagnosed in this outbreak and 5 of them have died.

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