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Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Dangerous?

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a very serious surgery that is performed on those considered obese. Originally designed for people so severely obese that the risk associated with bariatric or gastric bypass surgery was less than the health risks associated with the weight.

Up to 40 % of patients have the risk of developing a severe infection following a gastric bypass procedure...

Considered at first a last resort for people with a body mass index of over 40%, this surgery at first, was avoided as much as possible.

Now, gastric bypass surgery is becoming more common as a form of instant weight loss and doctors are ignoring the risks associated with the surgery. While most of these surgeries are successful and do not have many, if any, complications there are some clients who will suffer immensely from this operation. These complications can range from infection to need of life long corrective treatments.

Current statistics show that 2% of all people who receive gastric bypass surgery will die from complications directly related to the surgery within a month of the actual procedure. Up to 40 % of patients have the risk of developing a severe infection, bowel obstruction or anastomotic problems.

Anastomosis is the surgical spot where the stomach and bowel are connected during the surgery. This delicate incision can leak, ulcerate or even heal Closed causing the patient horrible pain and problems.

When a patient is subjected to this type of problem, additional surgeries will be required. Often, it is found, that this is also the leading cause of death in the patients as it is the last problem often checked for when there is problems.

Can There be Any Other Complications?

During your recovery time after gastric bypass surgery you are very susceptible to other issues also that are not as life threatening but can cause serious and lifelong damage. Nutritional deficiencies are very common in gastric bypass surgeries.

One in 50 people will die from infection associated with the surgery within weeks of having the procedure.

After the surgery the person may find that they no longer absorb the proper vitamins needed to stay healthy. B12 as well as Iron and Vitamin A are all nutrients required for normal functioning of the body.

It has been shown that many people, after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, will need constant monitoring of these vitamins and require lifelong supplementation to promote good health.

The statistics are coming out each and every day that there is more risk associated with gastric bypass surgery than the medical field wants to let on to the public.

One in 50 people will die from infection associated with the surgery within weeks of having the procedure.

Internal abscesses, pneumonia and even blood infections have been associated with the surgery. One simple slip of the doctor allowing toxic matter to escape from your bowel into your stomach cavity can mean a painful recovery or even death. This is a serious operation and should be considered with care before proceeding with the surgery.

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