GM Recalls 500K Camaros with Possible Power Issues

Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Jun 16, 2014 in Product Liability

Another recall has been announced by automaker General Motors, this time addressing power issues in more than half a million late model Chevrolet Camaros.

GM's official statement noted that the Camaros ignition can be switched into the off position if it is bumped by the drivers knee. This incidental contact with the key is enough to cause the vehicle to stall and lose power.

The company said 511,528 Chevrolet Camaros from the 2010 to 2014 model years, with 464,712 of those in the U.S., are affected.

GM plans to alter the design of the key from its current version (a fob which conceals the key until a button is pressed,) to a standard one. This change should eliminate the possibility of the key being accidentally switched off.

Discovering and acting on this issue quickly is an example of the new norm for product safety at GM, said Jeff Boyer, GM's vice president of global safety.

Separately, GM announced three smaller recalls: the 2004-2011 Saab 9-3 convertible to fix a seat-belt retractor, covering 28,789 U.S. cars; 21,567 2012 Chevy Sonics, to fix a fractured transmission turbine shaft; and the 2014 Buick LaCrosse, for a drivers door wiring repair in 14,765 cars.

In total, GM will have recalled 14,401,773 vehicles in the United States in 2014.

The manufacturer is increasing efforts to identify and correct faults in its vehicles since the initial hearing with a congressional subcommittee.

In light of the internal report former federal prosecutor Anton Valukas prepared for the company, CEO Mary Barra will testify before a subcommittee again to address what Valukas found, how GM's structure can be improved to prevent future safety issues, and the establishment of a victims compensation fund for those who were injured by the defective vehicles.

The company has been publicly criticized for its less than stellar response to the subcommittees questions, and Barra claims she will be ready to provide answers at her upcoming hearing.

The company continues to make the distinction between the old and new GM's, noting that, under Barra's leadership, the company culture has evolved and improved.

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