Hoverboard Safety Concerns

Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Dec 16, 2015 in Consumer Alert

hoverboard firesThere has been a growing number of safety concerns reported about the popular hoverboard, a self-balancing skateboard and scooter-like product that has quickly become the number one item on kids Christmas lists for this year.

Injury Risks

The electric, self-propelling product has proven to be dangerous, especially for first-time riders who are not used to the boards quick speed.

In the last three months, the Consumer Products Safety Commission has received eight reports of injuries that required a visit to the emergency room. As the boards popularity continues to grow, so too will the number of reported injuries. Unreported injuries have included broken bones, torn ligaments, and bumps and bruises.

Despite warning of injury or death 25 times in its user manual Segway, the manufacturer of a popular brand of hoverboards, continues to claim that the boards are safe.

Some towns and cities disagree and are taking steps to protect locals. New York City and London have banned the use of the boards in the cities. The resort town Ocean City, Maryland, is also discussing banning the product.

Fire Risks

Risks of personal injury are not the only damage that consumers should be concerned about. Numerous reports have recently surfaced in which hoverboards have caught fire and caused damage to homes.

A Louisiana home was severely damaged when a hoverboard went up in flames while the board was charging. An Alabama man and a Florida girl both experienced a board catching fire while they were riding it jumping off the board just in time to a burn injury.

The fact that these explosions are becoming commonplace has pushed the National Association of State Fire Marshals to get involved by issuing a safety advisory against the product. The organization urges consumers to be aware of the boards they are purchasing.

Advice for Consumers

Fire marshals urge parents who are thinking about buying a hoverboard for their children this holiday season to take precautions. They advise consumers to ensure the board has been accepted by recognized testing organizations.

Consumers should not leave hoverboards unattended when they are charging and should make sure that they do not overcharge, since overworked batteries have been shown to explode.

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