Lawsuit Against ExxonMobil Continues in Baltimore County, Maryland

Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Dec 03, 2008 in Uncategorized

There is an interesting trial going on in Baltimore County, Maryland (Circuit Court for Baltimore County) involving a massive gasoline leak at a local Exxon gas station that occurred in 2006. The Plaintiffs are a group of about 300 homeowners in Jacksonville, MD. Families received bottled water from Exxon after the leak and some continue to have to drink only bottled water because of well water contamination. They sued ExxonMobil Corp. and other Defendants for leaking MTBE and possibly other contaminants into their well water. They claim that as a result of the spill at the local gas station, their home values have declined, their sense of security and well-being in their homes and enjoyment of their homes have been destroyed. Some have testified regarding their fear and anxiety about health issues and even cancer as a result of the contamination.

Exxon's defense seems to be that the MTBE levels found in the families wells was below the 20 parts per billion (ppb) considered actionable by the Maryland Department of the Environment. However, the Plaintiffs are quick to point out that if there is pollution in the water, there is pollution in the water. The plaintiff attorneys are excellent trial lawyers. Yale Spector, Michael Snyder, Bob Weltcheck, and Steve Snyder are representing the Plaintiffs, and they are all members of the Maryland Association for Justice (formerly Maryland Trial Lawyer's Association); an Organization that Kevin Goldberg will be president of in 2009. When corporations and gas stations cause harm to homes, ground-water, well water and the environment, citizen home owners have a right to seek compensation from the environmental polluters for the damage to their home values, their loss of peace of mind, and of course, for any health problems caused by the pollution. Possible causes of action in environmental negligence cases include: Negligence, Nuisance, and Trespass.

The Maryland Department of the Environment's website has a lot of information about water contamination in Maryland.

Hopefully, the Baltimore jury hearing the evidence in the case against ExxonMobil will return a verdict that will hold ExxonMobil responsible for the damage it negligently inflicted on this Baltimore community.

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