Filing a Claim for Damages After an Apartment Fire or Explosion in Maryland

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apartment fire or explosionAn apartment fire or explosion can quickly cause a lot of serious injuries and significant property damages. Victims may have severe burns and multiple other injuries, some fatal. Along with costly medical bills, displaced tenants may be dealing with the emotional loss of their personal belongings and their home.

The thought of having to start over after an apartment explosion or fire is overwhelming. Victims may have a lot of questions once their injuries are stabilized. Can they recover any damages? If so, how do they file a claim? Who can be liable for the fire or explosion?

At Goldberg Finnegan, our Silver Spring personal injury lawyers are here to help. We understand that victims in this situation have a lot to deal with and may be unsure what to do next. Having experienced legal help on your side can make the process more manageable. We want you to be able to focus your energy on your recovery and your family. Our staff are available to take your call anytime, night or day.

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Silver Spring Apartment Explosion

In our own community of Silver Spring, more than 100 residents were displaced and at least 10 people were injured yesterday following an apartment explosion. People began calling in the Friendly Garden Apartment explosion around 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

Although over 100 firefighters responded to the scene, the four-story building was already engulfed in flames when they arrived. Only the façade and part of one side of the structure remained standing. A smoldering pile of broken bricks and other debris was seen in the parking lot near the damaged building.

Three people suffered serious injuries as a result of the explosion and were hospitalized. Seven more victims sustained other, more minor injuries.

Chief Scott Goldstein of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service said that rescue crews are still searching the area for survivors. An investigation into the cause is ongoing.

Can I File a Claim for Damages?

Victims who get injured or displaced following an apartment explosion have a long road to recovery. Even if they escaped injury, they may still have lost all of their personal possessions. This type of loss is not just physical or monetary, it is also extremely emotional.

That said, before you can file a claim for your damages, the injured victim – or his or her attorney – must determine if the fire was caused by negligence.

How Can I Prove There Was Negligence?

To prove negligence, your attorney must be able to show:

  • The at-fault party owed you a duty of care, such as a landlord, to maintain the premises in a safe and habitable condition.
  • The duty of care was breached – In other words, the landlord or other at-fault party failed to maintain the premises. For instance, if a landlord knew about faulty wires, but failed to repair them and a fire occurred, the landlord may bear liability.
  • Causation - The breached duty directly caused the incident that led to your injuries.
  • Damages resulted – This may include lost wages, medical bills, repairs to damaged property

An Attorney May Benefit Your Claim and Get You the Compensation You Need

Victims should not have to try to navigate a difficult legal process on their own after this type of trauma. Our firm handles challenging injury claims every day, and we have extensive knowledge of the law.

Our experienced attorneys are prepared to fully manage your claim for you by:

  • Ensuring your situation is thoroughly investigated
  • Gathering relevant documents, evidence and other details that may help your claim
  • Speaking with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Contacting witnesses who may have helpful information about what happened
  • Handling the completion and filing of legal documents
  • Negotiating for maximum compensation for the damages you sustained
  • Preparing a robust lawsuit in the event your claim cannot be settled

Who Pays for the Damages in an Apartment Explosion or Fire?

Liability for damages depends on many factors. The investigators must first determine what happened and who might have been responsible.

Following an apartment explosion or fire, one or more of the following parties may be liable:

Your Apartment Landlord

If you rent from a landlord or the property’s owner, it is important to determine how the premises were maintained. If the landlord know about a dangerous condition and failed to fix it, he or she may be liable for the damages.

The Apartment Complex

If the explosion was caused by a gas leak, faulty wire or other building maintenance issue, the complex may be liable.

Product Manufacturer or Maintenance Company

It is possible equipment malfunctioned and blew up or caught fire and started a fire in the building. The company that made the equipment or the company responsible for repairing it may be liable for damages.

A Neighbor

Sometimes a neighbor could be responsible for causing a fire. Leaving a pan cooking on the stove or a cigarette burning, for instance. This might be a tougher situation, especially if that neighbor did not have any insurance.

These are the details that an attorney can review to help determine how you may be able to recover compensation.

What Damages Could I Be Eligible for?

If you have a claim, you may be able to seek compensation for various damages, including:

  • Your medical costs
  • Lost Wages
  • Funeral and burial expenses – for fatal injuries
  • Pain and suffering damages

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