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Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Dec 09, 2008 in Car Accidents

Detroit is a long way from the East Coast, but the ongoing debate over an auto industry bailout that may affect that city is raging all through Maryland and DC. This is, in a way, a kind of Maryland car accident, for certain, but not the kind that we might usually think of, nor is it the kind that affects thousands across the state each year.

For those citizens, such an accident means the potential for property damage, physical injury, and, at the very least, the psychological trauma of such an encounter. This last point is well-supported by research: Maryland car accidents, even the most minor, carry with them a psychological import often overlooked. Too often, we attend only to the physical damage - to people, and to vehicles - looking to dollar signs and decimal points to assess the impact of a collision. But anyone who has been involved in an accident will tell you differently - long after the physical damage has been righted, the psychological scars remain.

This may be especially true of minor incidents - fender benders and the like. Here there may be only minor physical damage to the vehicles, seemingly no reason to contact a Washington DC personal injury lawyer. But many drivers find that as time passes, the incident does not fade - either because physical damage to the vehicle is noticed, physical damage to the body - perhaps initially unnoticed - shows itself, or the lingering psychological effects of the collision remain as strong as ever. This last sign may be nightmares, daydreaming and distraction, conscious or unconscious aversion to driving, or any number of other problems. Is this any less of a personal injury than whiplash?

These reasons, and so many others, make it clear that contacting a Maryland car accident attorney immediately after a motor vehicle accident is crucial. By the time the worst of the damage of a minor collision begins to show itself, it may be too late for much chance of Litigating a successful case.

It is easy to forget that part of the reason for hiring a Baltimore personal injury lawyer is the decision to litigate or not. Most of us are lucky enough to not need an attorney more than once or twice in our lives, and it seems that simply making contact is the start of a suit. However, this is not the case. Take advantage of the opportunity for a free case evaluation; seek an objective and expert opinion to assist in evaluating the prospects of your case.

What is there to lose?

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