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Lead poisoning lawyerLead is a naturally occurring metal in the earth's crust and before its toxicity was understood, found wide use in many products such as pottery, gasoline and paint. Once lead is ingested its effects can have negative impact on most systems of the body.

Young children under the age of seven are most at risk to lead poisoning since only small amounts of lead are sufficient to cause damage to a child's developing body and brain. Childhood lead poisoning is a serious health issue that families with young children need to be aware of, since any damage sustained from lead ingestion is permanent.

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Common Injuries From Lead Poisoning

The most common source of this environmental danger is chipping and peeling lead based paint found in homes where young children reside. Maryland residents whose children have been harmed by the ingestion of lead through landlords or contractors negligence may be able to file a lawsuit with the help of our qualified Maryland lead paint attorneys to recover damages for a child's injuries.

Is your child suffering from lead poisoning resulting from another's negligence? If so, contact our Maryland Lead Paint Attorneys now to help receive compensation for damages incurred!

Children may experience the following injuries from lead paint poisoning:

  • Brain Damage
  • Neurological Problems
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Organ Failure
  • Death

The use of lead in the manufacturing of paints has been banned for almost thirty years, however lead paint poisoning is still prevalent because of the large number of homes that exist with many layers of old lead based paints on the walls. Although laws have been enacted regarding a landlord's responsibilities in relation to their tenants and the existence of lead paint in their properties, a disregard for the law may result in grave consequences for children who have access to deteriorating lead paint found in their homes.

When a landlord is negligent and refuses to abide by local and federal health and housing code regulations then he may be held liable for injuries that resulted when a child, unaware of the possible harm, eats paint chips and contaminated dust while acting "Like a Child."

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Lawyer Kevin GoldbergSince the damage caused by lead paint is irreversible and life altering, attorneys can file lawsuits on behalf of children to deal with the economic impact that follows from the injuries.

A lawsuit may look to recover awards to deal with special schooling that may be required, occupational therapy, future medical expenses and other support services.

It is essential that when confronted with these serious issues that an experienced Maryland Lead Paint Attorney be retained to deal with the intricate steps involved in bringing a successful lawsuit against the responsible parties. Experienced attorneys will understand the types of defense that will be encountered in these special cases.

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