A new study reveals that people who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries could be more likely to engage in aggressive driving. Researchers wanted to find out if there is a link between aggressive driving and people who have had traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

According to Dr. Robert Mann, study co-author, the data suggests links between traumatic brain injury and hazardous driving behaviors, but at this early stage we can’t be sure if these relationships are causal. However, because there are so many drivers who have suffered from TBIs, it may be important to understand the implications of traumatic brain injuries to improve traffic safety.

The study entailed Canadian drivers ages 18 to 97. Researchers interviewed these drivers and reviewed their driving histories. Aggressive driving and traumatic brain injury were defined by researchers as: Aggressive driving Making threats to harm another driver or passenger. Traumatic brain injury A head injury that caused an individual to lose consciousness for at least five minutes or required overnight hospitalization.

Researchers discovered that the people who had at least one, previous traumatic brain injury had more incidents of aggressive driving than people without brain injuries. Also, it is known that the risk of auto accidents is affected by aggressive driving, substance abuse and/or psychological distress, according to Dr. Gabriela Ilie, a study author from St. Michael’s Hospital. Therefore, this study tried to see if TBIs and aggressive driving and collisions are linked as well.

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