Many forms of cancer can be treated with timely and accurate diagnosis. Sometimes medical doctors fail to make a timely diagnosis of cancer, and quite often the results are fatal. Medical malpractice cases relating to the failure to properly and timely diagnosis cancer are most often associated with breast cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer. If the delay in diagnosing the cancer made a difference in the medical outcome, then you may have a medical malpractice claim. Have you or someone you love suffered due to the misdiagnosis of cancer? Have you considered a legal solution to help compensate you for any costs, damages or losses that may have been associated with that misdiagnosis?

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How Misdiagnosis Can Affect An Individual & their Loved Ones

The diagnosis of cancer is a life shattering event in one’s life. Facing one’s own mortality changes the way a person thinks and the way they live.

The treatments, having to give up a job and a normal life all take a toll. It is then a great, head shaking relief to find out that they didn’t have cancer in the first place. It is also causes a lot of added mental and financial baggage that may have been avoidable. Cancer misdiagnosis not only changes the life of the patient, but it affects the lives of friends and family also. A misdiagnosis of cancer can do as much damage as the actual disease would have done.

Depending on the type of Cancer treatments the person may have undergone before the misdiagnosis was discovered, the person may have new worries in addition.

How We Can Help Prove Malpractice Liability

According to the Dr. John Davenport MD, JD, some forms of Cancers are included in the list of the most misdiagnosed diseases. Some errors are due to mechanical reasons and test failures. They are made unintentionally. Many in the end could be avoided.

Maryland and most other places in the United States have laws that are designed to protect and compensate victims and/or their families from provable malpractice.

It takes a lot of time, money and expertise to go up against health professionals, in or out of the legal system to prove that they have been injured or even died due to a misdiagnosis of Cancer. The health care professionals, who are able to retain the best legal counsel money can buy, can draw this process out if a person does not have a good legal team to help them.

If you believe you or someone you love have been injured or died as a result of the misdiagnosis, it’s a wise choice to obtain an expert legal opinion of the situation and your options. Insurance does not cover the costs of everything. We all know that medical care is not cheap. Insurance companies will try everything they can to lower a payment or not pay out at all.

Compensation could lighten the load if there is evidence of malpractice.

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