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Every time I needed to talk to them or had questions they was always available to answer my questions
Dolores Bryant
Goldberg and Finnegan were referred to us after we were involved in a severe car accident. Kevin Finnegan took our case. He and his staff were very knowledgeable and no question we asked was to small or stupid. He fought to get us the best settlement possible. We would highly recommend Kevin and the lawyers of Goldberg & Finnegan to anyone in need of outstanding legal services. Les & Dori K.
Jaime geisler
I had an amazing experience with Goldberg Finnegan! My son was hit by a car leaving school in January 2019. Initially not knowing how to handle this situation I started to Google law offices in my area. I came a cross Goldberg Finnegan(it was the first law firm that showed up on the search). I filled out the intake form and was later contacted by Cody. Cody was amazing. He explained to me the process of how they would handle my case(after asking how myself and my son was doing) and answered any questions that may have crossed my mind and did not once pressure me to retain their services. I decided to retain the services of Goldberg Finnegan and was later introduced to Mayah Wells who would be handling my case. Cody and Mayah kept me updated throughout the entire process. They always checked in on myself and my son. Very professional but personable staff! I didn't feel like another case. They often put my mind at ease about this case and was very upfront and realistic about the possible end results of my case. They became extended family and we are so grateful to have had them handle this stressful event in our lives. I highly recommend Goldberg Finnegan, Mayah and Cody!!!! They were a treat to work with!
Kimberly Smith
After my car accident, I was left with a horrible concussion and the person who hit me didn’t not have insurance. Curt Cannon and with his team Mayah Wells and Cody worked helped me through this most difficult time. They always kept me up to date and explained everything to me. I was and still blessed to have had such a wonderful law firm to work with and I was completely satisfied with the end result! I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me!
Jacklyn Price
My experience with this company was great from the beginning to the ending. The staff was very professional and on point since the first conversation,they were very straightforward with their communication in guiding me through the whole process.I would recommend Goldberg & Finnegan anytime to anyone who may need their service. And of course, I would use them again as the result is rewarding.
stacey-ann Ingram
I am a Florida resident that was involved in my my first accident while traveling through the Washington DC metro area. From the time of intake screening through the entire process I honesty felt like this firm cared and was able to guide me through the rntire process from medical care to dealing with the insurance companies. My description is pretty much hands off, they handled my case and were responsive during the entire time. Dealing with accidents can be a long term process. Speacial thanks to Joanne and Sam for their hours of help and guidance. I can honestly say I felt cared for and am happy wit hthe settlement that was reached. Keep up the great work.
Tim Hanson
I would highly recommend Mayah Wells at Goldberg and Finnegan to anyone seeking legal representation for personal injuries. She will work diligently and have her clients best interest. Ms. Wells guides her clients during difficult times. Please do not hesitate to seek her services. Thakiya : Workman's comp client
Thakiya Ismael
This law firm was a great choice. They were reliable and friendly and also got me what I deserved and ty so much for your help.
Jason M
Mayah Wells is an awesome lawyer. I was unfortunate in going with another law firm first and won't be made whole. But, I was able to see through Mayah what it was like to really have a lawyer with my best interest in mind. I definitely recommend Goldberg Finnegan for personal injury cases.
Zoë Perrydean
They were all comforting to me and explained anything I didn't understand. Whey I was scared they understood and explained things to me and reassured me in all they did. I would definitely use them again. Thanks
Anna Cuozzo
Attorney Kevin Finnegan and his Paralegal, Christina Rice were professional, communicative, thorough and successful in handling my Personal Injury case from start to finish. Prior to retaining him, I was extremely stressed and only wish I had contacted him immediately following the accident.
Christina Hersh
I was a victim of a terrible trip and fall accident. The law firm of Goldberg & Finnegan negotiated a settlement of $325,000.00. Mr. Curtis Cannon handled all the details of my case. The process was easy for me because he spoke to all the doctors, handled all the insurnce issues/paperwork and remembered every detail of my accident. Mr. Cannon and his staff was very patient and knowledgeable. He cared so much about getting a fair settlement for me and also wanted the accident site corrected to prevent future injuries to others. I also really appreciated that he gave me the option to settle out of court. He knew it would be difficult for me to go to court due to my injuries. Great lawyer and an admirable person. I will highly recommend his services to anyone who needs legal advice
M. C
Goldberg and Finnegan represented me very well, excellent service.
Donna Green
Mr. Curtis Cannon was excellent in handling my auto accident case. He explained every detail about the case as well as kept me updated on the progress. He gave me his honest opinion about each step of the case which in my opinion is the best thing any lawyer could ever do. Mr. Cannon fought very hard to make sure my demands were met with the insurance adjusters and refused to give up until (I) his client was satisfied. Thank you Mr. Cannon and your team (Rae Pumphrey specifically) for all you have done and making sure this process was painless as possible for me!
Kevin is the best.
Megan Rogers
Kevin Finnegan and the entire staff at Goldberg Finnegan are absolutely fantastic. From our first meeting with Mr. Finnegan until we successfully settled our case, we were treated with respect and dignity. Mr. Finnegan not only did things to maximize our settlement, but also made recommendations and helped me get in touch with health professionals to help me improve my life.
Scott Egger
I don't know how to even put into word's how happy I am to have been represented by Mr. Finnegan and his team. I have never been in a situation where I needed a lawyer before. For 3 years Mr. Finnegan has fought for me and his team kept me informed and helped me through the process every step of the way. I am beyond amazed of what he was able to get done and accomplished. I highly recommend Goldberg and Finnegan. Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart, everything you've done for me!
Jessica Jenkins
Great costumer service
Franklyn Nunez
The attorneys at this firm was dedicated and very professional--caring and went the extra mile .
Antonio Hedgepeth
The attorney Mayah Wells representing your lawfirm was very prepared, professional and brilliant. I am very satisfied with the services and the results.
Keith Howard

client testimonial

My name is Charlotte Ricks and I had an injury, a slip and fall in my apartment building where I lived at last January. I got hurt pretty bad, I fell and had a couple of injuries contusions, a knee injury and I contacted... Goldberg Finnegan and explained... what happened. He got right on the case and took care of it. I felt comfortable with him. Everything was taken care of and he did a wonderful job, got me a great settlement and I appreciate everything that his team did for me.

- Charlotte Ricks / Slip and Fall

client testimonial

"My name is Jennifer L. Harris and Mr. Goldberg represented me in my social security case. My claim had been denied several times over the past 3 years. Kevin Goldberg and his paralegal Kristin Spealman encouraged me to hold on and promised they would do the best they could to help me. They succeeded. I now have my social security benefits and this is going to improve my quality of life. Thank you Mr. Goldberg for your efforts and for believing in my case. It was life changing."

- Jennifer L. Harris / Social Security Disability

client testimonial2

"My name is Robert Lionel and I was in a car crash in October 2011. I broke four ribs and I went and got the lawyers of Goldberg Finnegan and Kevin Goldberg took my case on himself. He hired Angela Guerra who is his Paralegal and it was the best people I'd ever worked with in my life. They did everything in the world to help me get my money and they got my money for me."

- Robert Lionel / Auto Accident

client testimonial3

"My name is Ramone and I wouldn't recommend anyone else other than Goldberg Finnegan. I was in a car accident and they were on my side since day one. They made it easy for everything. They got my bills straightened out, they made sure my medical coverage was straightened out and they were the best."

- Ramone / Auto Accident

Client Testimonial - Gloria Santeliz

Good Morning, my name is Gloria. I am here at the offices of my attorney Kevin Goldberg and Eva. I am very happy and give thanks to them because they took my case and I feel very satisfied. I congratulate them as well because they worked very well on my case and it was a success. My check was truly fantastic. Thank you, I appreciate you and God bless you. I highly recommend them.

- Gloria Santeliz / Auto Accident

My child went through a traumatic personal injury less than a year ago. Nothing can change what my child went through but Goldberg and Finnegan helped get what my child deserves for what happened. From the beginning, Kevin Finnegan wasted no time on getting to work for my child's case. Within nine months, Mr. Finnegan proved my child deserved every bit of what we could possibly get from the insurance company and was able to settle without getting the court involved. Not only did Mr. Finnegan go above and beyond my expectations but he kept me in the loop with everything that was happening in the case and was always available to speak with me if I had any questions. Goldberg and Finnegan showed great professionalism and I couldn't be happier with the outcome for my child. These guys are the best!

- Heather Guzman / Personal Injury

“Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you put into this case; words can't express my appreciation enough, may God bless and keep you always. I also plan to refer you to family and friends as well as coworkers that need legal advice. Thank you for the outstanding work you’ve done with this case; words can't express how happy and satisfied I am with the outcome.”

- Etta Lucas / Personal Injury

“Just want to say thank you, once again, to your firm and especially you for your help and services. I could not have gotten things done without you. I really appreciate you."

- Michael Monroe / Personal Injury

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