On Saturday a man named Indy Saunders was killed when a PEPCO utility pole or power line struck him during a monsoon like rainstorm. This electrocution injury occurred in Prince George’s County Maryland in Temple Hills. If this man was struck by a live PEPCO power line, he was likely hit with over 10,000 volts of electricity. The death and reasons for the PEPCO power line striking Indy Saunders are currently being investigated by Prince George’s County Fire officials. Neighbors interviewed after this incident said that they believed PEPCO should have cut the trees back prior to the storm. A spokesman for the fire department named Mark E. Brady said that Mr. Saunders suffered crush injuries and burns to a large percentage of his body, and that the death occurred because an enormous tree fell onto PEPCO power lines causing the lines to and tree to snap a PEPCO utility pole.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Indy Saunders. While a lawsuit is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind right now, the family should know that it is crucial that a preservation of evidence letter should be sent to PEPCO and whatever officials have the electrical components, wires, and pole that caused Mr. Indy Robert Saunders death. Preservation of evidence after a serious injury or death is critically important to the success of any future product liability claim or negligence claim relating to the death. A lawyer can help make sure that evidence such as the PEPCO utility pole, wires and electrical components is preserved and maintained with a proper chain of custody documented. The family/friends should also consider that a notice of claim should be sent to the government officials who may have also been negligent. This notice typically needs to be sent certified mail pursuant to the Local Government Tort Claims Act, State of Maryland Tort Claims Act, or if in Washington, D.C. pursuant to Section 12-309 of the D.C. Code. A lawyer can help make sure that this is done properly, and that evidence is collected so that a future lawsuit relating to the death of Mr. Indy Saunders can have the best chance for success.

The claims that can be considered include negligence claims, product liability claims, wrongful death claims and a survival claim. PEPCO is known for taking a strong stance against lawsuits and they typically vigorously defend claims brought against them and deny any responsibility for the death and injury to others. Our law firm, Goldberg Finnegan has had success litigating against PEPCO. Contact a Silver Spring personal injury attorney from our team today for your free consultation.