Every driving situation is different and drivers never know what to expect when they head out on the road. This is why defensive driving techniques are so important.

The tips below can help you defend yourself against possible collisions and other potential hazards often caused by drunk or negligent drivers and even bad weather. The better prepared you are for the dangers you may encounter on your drive, the safer you will be.

Stay focused. Your best defense against the mistakes of other drivers is to remain focused on driving at all times. You should not be eating, doing your makeup or texting while driving. Anything that pulls your attention from the road greatly increases your risk for being involved in an accident.

Remain alert. Drivers need to be able to react to any situation they encounter. To ensure that you are alert and ready to react to a car slamming on its brakes or pulling out in front of you, do not drive while drowsy or while intoxicated.

Do not make assumptions. Do not assume that you know what another driver is going to do. You cant always count on the fact that a parked car will remain parked or that another driver will come to a complete stop at a stop sign. By making assumptions, you will be caught off guard and unable to react if a vehicle doesn’t do what you thought it would.

Control your speed. Drivers should always travel with the flow of traffic and keep a safe distance between them and the car ahead. This will give you ample time to react if the car slams on its brakes. Resisting the urge to speed will also allow more time to make important decisions and react to situations around you.

Adapt to road conditions. Always remember that driving in inclement weather will require extra care and patience. Even a light rain can produce extremely dangerous road conditions. These defensive driving tips should help you stay safe on the roads and prepare for any situation you may encounter. If you are involved in an auto accident with a careless or negligent driver, do not hesitate to contact our Maryland or D.C. offices for a free case evaluation from a personal injury lawyer at our law firm.