According to AAA, distracted driving is the most deadly driving habit in Maryland and residents are rightfully concerned about its fatal dangers. More than texting and driving or posting a picture on Instagram when behind the wheel, distracted driving is anything that takes a driver’s attention off of the task of driving, including drinking a latte, using a hands free device to answer a call or looking down to change radio stations.

In Maryland, an estimated 42 percent of all highway deaths are due to distracted drivers. Distracted driving comes in number one over impaired or aggressive driving and the amount of people who confess to engaging in this habit is shocking people into action. Not only do collisions take place every six seconds, but almost 50 percent of the annual 500 highway deaths are because of distracted driving.

Partnering to End Distracted Driving

A Maryland native was killed eight years ago by a distracted driver. Her family has since helped pass a law in Heather Hurd’s name to help fight the growing epidemic, and they continue advocating for drivers to be responsible and keep their eyes on the road.

With April as Distracted Driving Month, the U.S. Department of Transportation, law enforcement and other safety partners are taking on distracted driving through a national campaign. Radio, television and digital ads are reminding drivers that if “U Drive. U Text. U pay.”

Local and state law enforcement will be enforcing texting and driving laws and are encouraging people to realize that distracted driving fatalities can be prevented. Remembering that a loved one is waiting at home prior to getting behind the wheel is sometimes all it takes to leave the cell phone on the back seat and drive diligently. If you have suffered a devastating loss because of a driver who was distracted, contact the skilled auto accident lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan today.