If you have been injured as a result of medical malpractice at Doctor’s Community Hospital in Maryland, you are not alone. The Washington Post reports that Doctors Community Hospital located in Lanham, Maryland was fined for not reporting medical errors by Maryland Health Regulators. The fine was $30,000.00.

Maryland law requires that hospitals report significant medical mistakes. Doctor’s Community Hospital seems to have acknowledged that they were failing to report medical malpractice committed there, and that the fine is a wake up call to increase patient safety. Maryland hospitals are required to report such errors as surgery on the wrong limb, patients taking the wrong medication, falls and infections from IV lines.

The law requires hospitals and medical providers to report such mistakes and analyze why internal safety systems broke down. The problems at Doctors Hospital include an assault on a patient, an 8 day delay in giving medication to a 49 year old man with heart failure, and an antibiotic being given to a woman who was supposed to only receive plain intravenous (IV) fluids. The Emergency Room at Doctors Hospital expects to see 60,000 patients this year. What is most unfortunate is that the hospital practically admits that is unable to provide medical care within the standard of care.

Other hospitals in PG County Maryland that were slow to report errors include Laurel Regional Hospital (Aka Laurel Regional Medical Center). Hospitals in Maryland reported 182 preventable medical errors (never events). 44 medical mistakes were reported in Maryland that lead to the death or serious injury of the patient. The Washington Post details many of the horrifying mistakes that occurred at Doctors Community Hospital.

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