Drunk driving accidents often produce injuries that are life changing and significant amounts of property damage. This is largely due to the inability of the drunk driver to react to an unexpected change in their driving environment or simply due to their negligence while behind the wheel. Were you hit and injured by a drunk driver?

Did you know that you may be eligible to file a claim for damages that can help you recover medical expenses, lost wages, compensation for wrongful death and more?

At the law offices of Goldberg Finnegan, we believe that drunk driving may be one of the most blatant displays of negligence on Maryland highways. Victims of these accidents are often forced to endure life-altering injuries or the death of a loved one.

If your accident was the result of drunk driving, contact Goldberg Finnegan to file a DUI lawsuit against the party who caused your pain and suffering. Don’t let another persons recklessness take more from you than it already has. Act now.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

Every day in America, another 28 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes — National Highway Traffic Safety Administration FARS data, 2013

DUI litigation is an important practice area for Goldberg Finnegan. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) statistics show that about one-third of all drunk drivers are repeat offenders. When we file a lawsuit against a negligent drunk driver, not only do we know we are helping the accident victim and their family, but we are minimizing the possibility that another person will be hurt by that same driver in the future. If you need to file an accident claim against a drunk driver, contact Goldberg Finnegan for a free review of your case.  We can help you by listening to the details of your accident and advising you on the best possible way to proceed. Because our firm works on a contingency fee basis, you’ll never pay us unless we win your case.

Contact Goldberg Finnegan to File a DUI Lawsuit

You deserve more than handling the aftermath of a DUI accident on your own. Our auto accident attorneys are prepared to represent the best interests of you and your family when you file a compensation claim against the drunk driver who caused your accident.