At the law offices of Goldberg Finnegan, we are proud to announce that justice has been served in a Montgomery County Circuit Court via a jury verdict obtained by the Goldberg Finnegan legal team of Kevin Finnegan & Joshua Sturman.

While waiting at a pedestrian crosswalk, our client was rear-ended by a 22 year old, uninsured driver that resulted in approximately $6,000 in property damages, a  neck injury, a back injury,  and knee and shoulder problems from the accident. After more than 2 months of physical therapy, three separate orthopedic surgeons recommended that our client have both knee and shoulder surgery to help correct the physical damages inflicted in the collision.

As our client had uninsured motorist coverage in his insurance policy, the insurance company sent to defend the claim, State Farm, offered a total compensation package of $9,000, which was the total of past medical bills for the Defendant.

After taking the case to court, our lawyers fought for and obtained a jury verdict for approximately $105,000.00 –  awarding past medicals, $65,000 for both future surgeries, and $32,000 for non-economic damages. We would like to firstly thank our client for choosing to use the services of Goldberg Finnegan Law and secondly, to congratulate our team for their performance and handling of this case.

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