When a person enters a hospital for treatment, either minor or serious, they are under the impression that they will receive the finest and most competent care. There are times however that this is not the case and a patient is injured by the hospital that they have entrusted with their care. These forms of injury can range in variety. A mistake can be made in prescribing or administering medications. Medical records can be mixed up and the patient is treated incorrectly. Failure to diagnosis or treat a problem in enough time as well as infections can all be labeled as hospital mistakes.

These mistakes should never be taken lightly or overlooked. A simple infection caused by failure to clean hands or instruments properly can cause you needless pain and suffering. Lifetime ailments or even death can result from a hospital infection if it is not treated properly or in ample time.

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How Do Hospital Mistakes Happen?

With the large amount of staff at a hospital, that is continually changing shifts, it is easy to see how mistakes can be made. Misinterpretations of doctor’s orders, unqualified personnel and even over tired doctors can make irreversible mistakes.

Some other common reasons include:

More nurse’s aides on staff than trained medical staff – this cost cutting measure often places patients at risk. While these aids hold a noble profession they do not have as much training as a Registered Nurse or Doctor. A misunderstanding in medical orders can lead to a lifetime of problems for the patient.

Environment – often full of commotion, emergency rooms are where most of hospitals mistakes are made. Overworked staff combined with overflowing patients makes mistakes a common thing in this area.

Misdiagnosis – of fatal illnesses such as heart attack or stroke leads to a number of unnecessary deaths in this country. Most of these mistakes are made in the emergency room. Other common mistakes in this area are failure to treat the severity of a problem.

Time – patients are often overlooked for hours in the emergency room leading to irreparable damage and even death.

Hospital mistakes are not always noticed right away. Complications from procedures or treatments received at a hospital may not materialize right away. A person may not know until the internal infection has made them gravely ill that the original infection was caused by their hospital visit. Follow up treatment is critical to proper care for anyone having medical treatment done at a hospital.

How Our Legal Professionals Can Help You

Some hospital mistakes can last a lifetime. Other injuries from these mistakes can heal over time. Either way the mistake should be addressed. In an environment where you, as the patient, put your full trust into the hospital establishment for good and proper treatment you should not have to fear that mistakes will be made. If you have received an injury due to your stay or interaction with a hospital you should contact our law immediately for a free in-depth case evaluation.

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