The Maryland Association for Justice, an association of personal injury attorneys in Maryland, is presenting a day-long seminar on November 11, 2014, called Roger Dodd’s Constructive Cross-Examination & An Afternoon in the World of Auto Trial Law. Kevin Goldberg, a personal injury attorney and founding partner of Goldberg Finnegan, has been invited to be part of the conference, and will be speaking as part of a panel presenting a lecture called Auto Trial Law: Top Ten Cases, Statutes and Pitfalls.

“I’ve been representing people injured in car accidents for over 15 years, Goldberg said of the conference. Along the way I’ve learned where many of the land mines are and look forward to sharing this knowledge with other Maryland trial lawyers.”

Mr. Goldberg will be joined by Howard W. Simcox Jr., of Sussman & Simcox, Chtd., Laura Zois of Miller & Zois, and Deborah L. Potter of the Jaklitsch Group. The attorneys will discuss trends in personal injury cases and best practices for auto litigation. The Maryland Association for Justice is an organization dedicated to improving the civil justice system and assisting in the professional development of personal injury attorneys. The organization represents over 1,300 trial attorneys, and works to protect the rights of consumers and injured people throughout the state.

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