As the largest safety recall in automotive history, the Takata airbag inflator recall is about to grow even larger. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has mandated Takata recall an estimated 35 to 40 million additional airbags.

The Takata recall already included nearly 24 million U.S. vehicles made by 14 auto manufacturers. With the addition of the latest group of airbags, the recall will now likely include nearly every automaker in the country and an anticipated 50 million trucks, cars and SUVs, totaling a quarter of all U.S. vehicles.

However, because many vehicles have multiple airbags being recalled it is unlikely that the full expected 50 million vehicles will be recalled.

Incomplete Recall Repairs
Due to the massive number of vehicles included in this recall, Takata has found it challenging to come up with necessary replacement airbag inflators. This reality is concerning for the NHTSA who reported last month that just over eight million vehicles were repaired, less than a third of the original number recalled cars, SUVs and trucks.

To date, there have been 11 U.S. deaths and serious injuries from unstable inflators that can explode upon deployment, sending deadly metal shrapnel into passenger compartments.

The new recall expansion will be phased in beginning this month through December 2019. It will require all vehicles that do not have a chemical drying agent in the airbags to be recalled. The five recall phases will be based on risk levels, including inflator age, exposure to humidity and fluctuating temperatures that can negatively impact the inflators.

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