Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the fishermen and other small businesses who operate along the Louisiana Gulf Coast. BP’s effort to quickly solve the leak by placing a containment tower over the oil leak ended yesterday when crystallized gas (gas hydrates) blocked the pipes in the oil containment tower. There are already reports of tar balls washing up on shore off of Alabama. Doug Suttles, A BP Corporate Executive, said “I wouldn’t say it’s failed yet. What I would say is what we attempted to do last night didn’t work because these hydrates plugged up the top of the dome.” In other words, he admitted that the dome approach is not working. Other possible solutions to the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster include heating the area or adding methanol to break up the hydrates.

Meanwhile, Louisiana shrimpers and fishermen continue to be unable to work. Oyster processing plants are shutting down. This has an impact not only on these people and their families, but also on the seafood industry throughout the United States of America. It will also have an impact on tourism generally in New Orleans. As if our bad economy didn’t make things tough enough–now oyster processing plants are shutting down and even more Louisiana people are going to lose their jobs. For example, Wayne Eldridge, owner of J&W Marine Enterprises (an oyster plant operator) said “I’m screwed. The biggest thing is I’ve got 35 people unemployed there.”

Meanwhile, oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico at 5,000 barrels per day which equates to 210,000 gallons a day. To date, the only contact with the coast has been in the Chandeleur islands in Louisiana where the US Coast Guard and National Guard are laying a protective ring of booms. There is no end to this oil disaster in site. The impact on the Louisiana Wetlands and the environment is terrifying.

If your small business, family, shrimp business, or oyster business in Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina or Maryland has been impacted by the British Petroleum BP Oil Spill Disaster – or if you are suffering injuries that you believe are related to the incident, then you should consider consulting with an attorney about what your options are.

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