We are happy to report that the Maryland Insurance Administration did not approve the health insurance companies’ requests for ridiculously high individual rates. As a result, Maryland consumers will have some of the lowest individual health insurance rates in the USA.

Maryland is one of 31 states that has authority to deny rate increases requested by health insurance companies. There are six health insurance companies that plan to sell individual health plans under the Affordable Care Act in Maryland. The combination of healthy competition and the Insurance Administration’s refusal to give rate increase requests will benefit Maryland citizens and allow more the ability to afford individual health insurance.

As a Maryland personal injury attorney who represents many individuals who are injured in car accidents and other accidents I am very happy about this. You see, when my clients have health insurance it generally means that they will have more treatment options with regard to who they will treat with for their accident related injuries. Since health insurance companies negotiate better deals with medical providers, our clients ultimately pay less out of pocket for the medical care that they receive and are able to put more of their personal injury settlement in their pocket.