There was a terrible car accident in Howard County, Maryland this week where a moped and a pickup truck crashed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Mohammed Hammad Chaudhry who was killed in this terrible accident. This occurred on Sunday July 4 just before 1 PM near Columbia, Maryland. The driver of the pickup truck was Marganta Gonzalez Cruz. From news reports, it appears that Ms. Cruz failed to yield the right of way as she was making a left turn from the westbound lane. It is important that his family consider hiring a private investigator and/or an attorney to further investigate this crash to determine exactly how and why it occurred.

  • Was Marganta Gonzalez Cruz on her cell phone at the time of the crash?
  • Had she been drinking?
  • Are there any skid marks on the road way?

Quite often, especially on a holiday weekend when police resources are strapped, the police investigation into a horrible car crash resulting in death is too cursory and does not get to the root cause of the crash.

It is not always enough to rely on the police/government accident reconstruction. Also, a request should be promptly made to the Howard County authorities to preserve and all 911 calls made about this incident. Was Ms. Marganta Cruz working at the time of the crash? This is important because if she was, then her employer may be legally responsible for the incident and this would trigger additional insurance policies. Mr. Chaudhry’s family members can bring wrongful death claims and his estate can bring a Survival Claim under Maryland law.

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