Evidence is critical when building a strong personal injury claim. Certain records can help prove your injury was caused by another party’s negligent actions, helping to secure compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The seasoned Silver Spring personal injury attorneys of Goldberg Finnegan work with our clients to compile the critical evidence needed to prove their injury claims. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your personal injury claim today.

Some of the items we will help collect for building your case include:

Accident Reports

Police and accident reports offer a professional, non-biased account of the cause of an accident. You can request a copy of the report for an auto accident from the Central Records Unit of the Maryland Transportation Authority.

In the case of a slip and fall accident, the place of business or public facility where the accident occurred may have filed an incident report regarding the accident.

Our attorneys will assist you in gathering these reports if you have not done so.

Witness Statements

Following an accident, always gather names and contact information for any witnesses. Your attorney may wish to contact a witness to obtain his or her statement, which provides their account of the accident and other details that could be vital for proving your case.


After an accident, take photos. Images from photos offer visual proof of damage, the accident scene and your injuries. These photos are also helpful in determining accident details, such as the cause of the accident.

Insurance Policy

Insurers are typically the first stop when seeking compensation for an accident injury. It is helpful to have a copy of your insurance policies for your attorney’s review. Your attorney will review the policy to determine what coverage is offered and the types of compensation you may be entitled.

Medical Records

Obtain copies of all medical records associated with your injury and treatment, including those from:

  • Emergency room
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgery
  • Specialist appointments
  • Therapy

These records will illustrate the severity of your injuries and will connect them to the accident. Medical records from your primary physician concerning your health before the accident may be helpful in showing just how severely the accident impacted your health.

Medical bills should also be kept, including:

  • Hospital statements
  • Doctor appointments
  • Therapy
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications

Proof of Lost Wages

Serious injuries can prevent the victim from working during the recovery period. This may be only temporary, or long-term.

To prove the amount of wages lost due to an injury, certain documentation is needed. Your physician should provide a statement noting specific dates missed from work due to your injuries. Your employer can provide documentation concerning your wages and those missed during recovery. This evidence is critical for determining the amount of wages lost because of your accident injuries.

Records of Communication

If you speak with insurers or others about the accident, keep a record of any conversations. Carrying on conversations by email provides a transparent and accurate method for recording details of your communications.

Day-to-Day Records

Accident injuries and the pain and suffering they cause may have a great impact on your daily life. Unfortunately, these are unseen elements that can be difficult to prove and quantify.

Keep a daily journal following the accident. Record your mental and physical state, and how the injury and any treatment are affecting your daily life. This will be helpful information to supplement the records and other information we collect. It could be vital for proving the severity of your injuries.

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