Slip and fall accidents happen every day. Even though most people are careful by nature, sometimes accidents happen. However, should the accident have happened at all and, if the accident was due to the negligence of someone else what should you do?

There are many reasons a person could have a slip and fall accident. Wet, slippery or greasy surfaces are some causes. Weather can also play a part. The rain, snow or ice is unpredictable and should always be paid attention to.

Some slip and falls are really trip and falls. If you step into a hole, or over an object left in a walkway that should not have been there, then this could be a liability issue.

If you are away from home and slip and fall at a business, or parking lot of a business, there is something called Premises Liability. This simply means that if the owner of the property fails to meet safety guidelines, or repair safety issues he knew about in a timely manner, then he may possibly be held accountable.

If you have cause to think your slip and fall was due to the negligence of a property owner then this law might apply to your case. Be sure and make the first priority taking care of your injuries!

When the accident happens there are a couple of things you should not do. Never sign any papers or make a statement of any sort to the store or property owner until you have talked to an attorney about your accident! This is not to try and hide anything. It is for the protection of your rights. Your attorney knows what your rights are, so let them help you.

Maryland law also has the assumption of risk law. If you assume a risk knowingly, then you may not be able to hold another party responsible. For instance, if you go to the grocery store on a day that all the streets are icy and slip in the parking lot getting out of our car, then you may have to assume at least part of the risk.

To avoid some unnecessary risk be observant of your surroundings and if you see safety hazards, please report them to management. And remember if this should ever happen to you, call for legal help.