Don’t let State Farm fool you with their new partnership with the Maryland State Highway Administration whereby they are apparently paying over a million dollars to the State of Maryland in exchange for putting State Farm’s logo (and likely its good neighbor slogan) on the State Highway Emergency Vehicles and billboards throughout the State

As Maryland personal injury lawyers representing individuals who are seriously injured or killed in Maryland car accidents, the Maryland Silver Spring car accident lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan have seen too many occasions where State Farm has treated our clients and even their own insureds just terribly. In fact, because of State Farm’s unreasonableness in car accident settlement negotiations, our lawyers have obtained several jury verdicts in Maryland in excess of State Farm insureds policy limits.

The car accident lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan have obtained at least two jury verdicts in the last several months against State Farm insured drivers in which the verdict was well in excess of the insured’s policy limits-both in Prince George’s County Maryland. Our lawyers have also represented many individuals insured by State Farm with uninsured motorist coverage. When State Farm Insurance Company insureds are seriously injured and need the benefits of their uninsured motorist coverage, State Farm often will make a very low ball settlement offer thus forcing the insured into litigation or binding arbitration with State Farm. This is unfortunate.

The point is really a simple one.

When the State of Maryland Emergency Roadside Assistance Vehicle comes up to your car after a crash and you see the State Farm logo and/or good neighbor message on the Maryland highways, remember that there is a hidden agenda. State Farm made a business decision that this advertising campaign will save them money. If you are injured by a driver insured by State Farm Insurance Company, or if you are injured and have uninsured motorist benefits with State Farm, call the lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan at (888) 213-8140 for a free telephone consultation. For more information about uninsured motorist benefits in Maryland click here.