You went to a medical professional for advice and treatment, but instead suffered negligence. Maybe it was during a routine procedure; maybe it was a surgery. Perhaps you were given too much or too little of a medication, or your condition was misdiagnosed and mistreated. Whatever injury you suffered, you have decided to contact a medical malpractice attorney to see if you have a claim but do you know what to ask during your first meeting?

Goldberg Finnegan offers free consultations with every potential client, and in this meeting we are happy to assess what happened and provide you with legal guidance. Goldberg Finnegan wants you to get the most out of your evaluation, which is why we’ve published this list of the top eight questions to ask during the initial consultation.

Read on to learn how best to prepare for your first meeting with the D.C. medical malpractice firm you are looking to hire:

1. Do you have experience working with medical malpractice claims?

2. Does my case have a statute of limitations, or a time limit in which I need to file to be eligible for compensation?

3. Which factors do you think may work in my favor and which will work against me?

4. If I work with your firm, who will be my regular point of contact, who are the members of the medical malpractice team, and when can I expect to hear back from you?

5. Do you think this could be a settlement or will we have to go to trial?

6. What kind of expert medical witnesses do you think would strengthen my case?

7. Do you work on a contingency fee basis?

8. Does your firm pay all the up-front case expenses and are case costs a concern to your firm?

By asking these questions you should begin to get a feel for the firms philosophy and whether you believe that they can effectively manage your case. Look for experience in cases like yours, as well as empathy toward your situation. Working with people you trust can mean the difference between worrying whether you are being properly represented or having faith that your lawyer is on your side.

At Goldberg Finnegan, our Silver Spring personal injury lawyers provide a free consultation to help you get the information you need to successfully recover compensation for what happened to you. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay us a dime unless we win your case.

If you decide to hire us to take on your case, you’re arming yourself with years of experience in the medical malpractice arena, including our registered-nurse attorneys. Our attorneys will take action from day one to prepare the strongest case for you – any law firm you’re considering should be willing to do the same.

To take the first step in your fight for justice, contact Goldberg Finnegan today by filling out the free case evaluation form, or by calling us at (888) 213-8140.