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DC Bicycle Accident LawyerBeing injured in a bicycle accident is a terrible scenario that people do not like to think about. However, it is important to consider your options when dealing with this situation, should it ever happen to you or a loved one.

If you or a loved one has been injured by another motorist while cycling in Washington, D.C, contact the bicycle accident lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan today by calling (888) 213-8140 or via our free online contact form.

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How A Lawyer Can Help With Your Bicycle Accident Compensation Claim

Sometimes motorists can be irresponsible, and cyclists often are seemingly invisible to them. Because a bicycle is essentially a human on a very tiny piece of metal, it can be easy for motorists to miss them. The cyclists are almost completely unprotected while riding. Even though cyclists wear protective gear, it cannot compete with the steel cage protection that an automobile offers.

It is not common knowledge that cyclists are often susceptible to being underhanded by the insurance companies of the guilty. Settlements for injuries where both parties were driving automobiles are as much as 40% more than for a bicycle accident of the same type.

This should not be the case, and you should have a lawyer that understands bicycle accidents to yield the highest settlement possible.

At the law offices of Goldberg Finnegan, we allow any cyclist involved in an accident that is not their fault to get a free case evaluation. We believe that if the accident is not your fault, you should not be penalized when seeking legal counsel.

Why Hiring A Reputable Lawyer Is Important

Many factors can cause a cycling accident. These factors should be known by anyone seeking legal counsel.

Some of these factors include the automobile driver using alcohol or even drugs, the driver failing to stop at a stop sign or stop light, a driver not paying attention, or many other factors.

Due to the recent influx of bicycling in major cities, many cities have created special bicycle lanes to reduce injuries due to cycling on major roads. However, some motorists may ignore or not understand the use of these lanes.

These factors can lead to a dangerous environment for cyclists. We are here to make sure these negligent drivers pay.

U.S Cycling Accident Statistics

Some surprising statistics should be considered when deciding on the legal action you are going to take.

In the US, a bicyclist is fatally hurt every 6 hours...

In the US, a bicyclist is fatally hurt every 6 hours. In addition, bicycles colliding with automobiles result in the majority of injuries and deaths associated with cycling. In addition, nearly a million children and young adults are hurt due to cycling accidents.

These statistics cannot be ignored, and must be considered when seeking legal help due to an accident.

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Kevin GoldbergMotorists must be held accountable to traffic law. Negligent drivers must pay for their decisions and ignorance.

At Goldberg Finnegan, we will not allow these drivers to get off the hook and will do everything in our power to make sure that these drivers pay.

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