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DC Workers Compensation LawyersKnowing who to contact after suffering an injury at work can often be a difficult decision for many injured workers.

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How A Lawyer Can Help With Your Workers Compensation Claim

Work Injury Lawyers in DCCountless times everyday employees are injured on the job. Most of them will return to work and never seek legal counsel.

While the average employee may not be educated regarding Workers Compensation laws, the employer is.

Understanding an employee's rights, what benefits are available, and how much the attorney's fees are can make a huge difference in benefits received.

One of the most important things to understand is that Workers Compensation laws were created to ensure employees who are injured or disabled to be compensated monetarily. The employee generally relinquishes their right to sue the employer and in return receives an assured, steady payment. In some instances lump sum payments are awarded.

When dealing with payments of any sort it is always wise to get the advice of an expert to avoid being shortchanged.

Knowing the rights of an employee is tantamount to being compensated. The employer has lawyers, doctors, and offer paid training so they can minimize cost as much as possible.

Some employers create a position for the injured employee that might seem more conducive. After a few weeks the position could be eliminated, and the employer avoids paying workers compensation for a laid off employee.

Employers also have doctors who will tell an employee he's ready to go to work when he is not in order to cut off benefits. With legal counsel you can avoid these traps and collect the benefits you are due.

Do D.C Employers Need To Carry Workers Compensation Insurance?

Yes, employers in Washington, DC are required to carry worker's compensation insurance.

Employees entitled to worker's compensation are provided full medical benefits. There is no monetary or time limit for these benefits.

What Types of Benefits Are Available?

Temporary Total Disability -  (TTD) occurs when an employee can't perform his job on a temporary basis. With TTD workers receive payments of 66 2/3 percent of their wage or 80 percent of their spendable income, whichever is less. The employee's payments can't be under $337 and cap at $1357.

Permanent Partial Disability - (PPD), when an employee can't perform with the same skill and efficiency, pays an employee 66 2/3 percent of their wages. This percentage has no minimum and maxes out at $1,357.

Benefits are also available to the surviving spouse and / or children of deceased workers. These payments are subject to a cap and are based on a percentage of the worker's wages. An allowance for burial is even provided.

Other benefits provided are physical and vocational rehabilitation. Occupational hearing loss can be compensable, if filed within certain time constraints. Furthermore the District of Columbia provides compensation for employees who have been disfigured. If the disfigurement is a serious facial, neck, hands or any exposed part of your body you are likely to be compensated. Understanding the benefits available will help in determining if your injury is serious enough for legal counsel.

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Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin FinneganWhen dealing with a workers compensation claim, having an experienced legal professional representing you is an important part of the recovery process.

From handling insurance company inquiries to negotiating a potential settlement for your claim, a reputable workers compensation attorney can help relieve the stress of pursing a workers compensation case and let the injury victim focus on the recovery process.

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