Judge Maurice Baldwin basically denied the Defendant’s Motion to reduce the $150 Million Dollar Verdict against Exxon in the leak case in Baltimore County.

After a 5 month trial in Baltimore County Circuit Court the jury awarded:

  • $71 Million Dollars ($71,000,000.00) in non-economic damage
  • Sixty One Million Dollars in decreased property value ($61,000,000.00)
  • Fourteen Million Dollars ($14,000,000.00) in medical monitoring

No punitive damages were awarded (they are very difficult to get in Maryland based on the Zenobia decision-basically you need to prove intentional conduct and/or actual malice).

Judge Baldwin made a reduction in the award for 4 homes that sold after the leek to the difference between the before leak appraisal and sale price. Judge Baldwin is a visiting judge who is retired from the Harford County Circuit Court. Exxon Mobil’s attorney James Sanders indicated that Exxon will most likely appeal the decision.

This is one of the greatest verdicts of all time in the State of Maryland. Attorneys Steve Snyder, Bob Weltcheck, and others involved in representing the plaintiffs should be very proud of the work they have done. The Judge’s decision came as a result of a motion for remitter which is when a defendant asks the Judge to either reduce the verdict or grant a new trial.