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Who Might Be Liable for a Crash on a Roadside or Shoulder?

Roadside or shoulder collisions are very common and often lead to serious life-altering injuries. Pulling over to the roadside or shoulder is extremely risky and should always be as a last resort. Drivers should avoid parking on this area of the road… Read More

Am I Covered For Injuries Caused by Workplace Violence?

In Maryland, like other states, workers’ compensation covers medical costs and provides other benefits to covered employees who get hurt on the job. However, what if the injury is caused by workplace violence? Are employees who get injured in that way… Read More

What if an Injured Victim Passes Away After Filing a Car Crash Claim?

Some accident victims who initially survived a car crash may ultimately pass away if they were too badly hurt. Other injured victims may later die for reasons that have nothing to do with the accident, such as a heart attack. In either of these situations,… Read More

Who May Be Liable if a Car Hits a Bicycle in Maryland?

Riding a bicycle is a great way to commute for people looking to save money on car expenses and get a little exercise too. However, it can be more dangerous for the rider. If a traffic accident happens, the cyclist is more vulnerable to being seriously… Read More

Does Having Surgery Increase the Value of My Injury Claim?

After getting hurt because of another person’s negligence, you may wonder whether having surgery will increase the value of your injury claim. However, the answer to that question varies from case to case and is very dependent on how badly you were hurt.… Read More

Who Do I Sue After a Car Crash – the Driver or Insurance Company?

Injured victims often ask who they sue after a car crash to recover their damages. Some people think they will need to sue the driver while others believe a lawsuit is filed against the at-fault driver's insurance company. However, it is important to… Read More

Are Online Calculators Accurate for Car Crash Claims?

Once the initial shock of an accident passes and injuries are stabilized, car crash victims may begin thinking about filing a claim for compensation. This is the point where many injured victims may wonder how much their claim could be worth. Some accident… Read More

Why Not Keeping Medical Appointments Can Hurt Your Injury Claim

Being injured in a car crash, slip and fall or other serious accident adds a lot of sudden and stressful concerns. In addition to dealing with your injuries, the mounting medical bills can quickly cause financial difficulties. Some people may even resort… Read More

When Are Accident Reconstruction Specialists Useful to a Claim?

It may be easier to establish a cause and determine fault for some crashes compared to others. However, determining liability for most crashes is rarely straightforward. Typically, there are multiple versions of what happened in an accident. In Maryland,… Read More

Can I Seek Compensation for a Construction Zone Car Crash in Maryland?

Road construction zones are common along major highways and even secondary or local roads. As soon as harsh winter weather is gone, road repairs and new construction begin. Regardless of how carefully signs and cones are set up, these areas are often… Read More

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