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What You Should Know About the Statute of Limitations for a Maryland Car Crash Claim

For those who are eligible to seek compensation after a Maryland car crash, the statute of limitations is a critical date to remember. However, there is often a lot of confusion about this legal deadline for filing a car crash claim, including what it… Read More

Is Settling My Maryland Workers’ Comp Claim a Good Idea?

After suffering an injury on the job, Maryland workers’ compensation provides weekly benefits for medical care, lost wages, disability payments, and more. However, some injured employees in this situation may opt to pursue a lump sum workers’ comp settlement… Read More

Maximum Medical Improvement in a Car Crash Claim

Maximum medical improvement is a term commonly used in workers’ compensation claims, but it also applies after a car crash. Often, insurance companies will try to get accident victims to accept a quick lowball settlement offer after a car crash. However,… Read More

Factors That May Delay Reaching a Settlement in a Car Crash Claim

After a car crash, victims often have expensive medical bills and other financial burdens to manage while trying to recover. Unfortunately, this places a lot of stress on both the victims and their families, especially when the injuries are severe and… Read More

How Would an Expert Witness Benefit My Personal Injury Claim?

If a personal injury claim makes it to trial, an expert witness may be called upon to provide testimony. While it is not always necessary, the likelihood of this happening increases when certain elements of a case are difficult to understand unless you… Read More

How Victims with Preexisting Injuries May Hurt their Car Crash Claims

When an accident victim’s preexisting injury is aggravated in a car crash, he or she may wonder whether it will hurt his or her chances of securing compensation. However, a preexisting injury is less of a problem than certain missteps victims may make… Read More

Seeking Compensation for a Catastrophic Injury in Maryland?

Claims involving catastrophic injuries are extremely complex. Victims who sustained these types of life-altering injuries often need ongoing or lifelong medical care and may be unable to work to support themselves and their families. Below we discuss… Read More

Can I Start a New Job While Receiving Workers' Comp Benefits?

It is not uncommon for employees to consider looking for a new job or career change after suffering a work-related injury. Sometimes injured employees are eager to find a new type of work in a lower-risk industry. In other situations, they may simply… Read More

Can I File a Car Crash Claim if My Insurance Policy Lapsed?

In Maryland, like most states, drivers are required to carry car insurance. Keeping that policy active will help ensure you have the coverage you need should you be involved in a collision. Drivers who ignore this law or allow their policy to lapse could… Read More

Can At-Fault Drivers Use the Sudden Medical Emergency Defense in Maryland?

Maryland drivers owe a duty of care to each other to take reasonable steps to avoid causing harm to themselves or others on the road. For example, drivers are expected to obey traffic laws. However, what if a driver suffers a sudden medical emergency… Read More

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