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Driving in the Snow and Negligence Cases Involving Ice or Snow

A lot of people ask questions about automobile negligence cases involving driving in the snow. The law in Maryland, is essentially that an operator of a car must use reasonable care under the circumstances. When there is snow or ice, reasonable care would… Read More

Car Accidents on Route 50 in Maryland are Deadly

There have been at least 3 fatal Maryland auto accidents on the last two weeks on Route 50 (inside the Capital Beltway) near Route 410. This is a very dangerous roadway in Prince George's County, Maryland where motorists tend to drive faster than the… Read More

Washington DC Nursing Home Abuse Myths Busted

Moving to a nursing home is not the first choice for residence of many - perhaps any. And yet, statistics tell us that nursing home populations continue to rise each year. Though most of us feel they are "institutions of last resort," many of us will… Read More

Commentary on This Month's Trial Magazine

This month's Trial Magazine, a publication of the American Association for Justice, has some great articles for auto accident lawyers in Silver Spring. My favorite is an Article by my friend David Kopstein on Defeating the Sudden Emergency Defense. David's… Read More

Washington DC Darvon Mass Drug Tort?

Medical advisers to the FDA have recommended the banning of Darvon, commonly known in its combination drug form, Darvocet (which also contains acetaminophen). Darvon has been in use for pain treatment for more than 50 years. An advisory panel to the… Read More

Horrific Car Crash in Rockville Causes Death and Catastrophic Injury

On Sunday February 1, 2009 a terrible Maryland car accident occurred on Veirs Mill Road in Rockville, Maryland which is in Montgomery County. It occurred near the Rock Creek Terrace Apartment Complex. A high school student named Thiago Andrade was killed… Read More

MD Jury Returns Verdict in Car Accident Case in Howard

A couple of days ago our firm obtained a verdict of $188,467 on behalf of a client who was rear ended in a car accident back in 2006. Our client's vehicle sustained significant property damage, and she had a back injury. The case went to trial before… Read More

Did D.C. Water Sewer Authority Mislead Public?

In 2003 and 2004 tap water in many Washington, D.C. homes had hundreds of times the lead levels considered safe, and this may have caused injury to children residing in the District of Columbia. The D.C. Water and Sewer Authority was apparently aware… Read More

Report on Declining Water Quality in Montgomery County Withheld

Montgomery County has not released a report on declining water quality in the County. The report has existed for at least six months, and it should have been released a long time ago. It apparently documents a steady decline in water stream health in… Read More

Helicopter Crash in Prince George's County Maryland Due To Negligence

Tragically, a Medevac helicopter crashed on September 27, 2008 killing 4 people and injuring others. Those killed include Stephen Bunker, Mickey Lippy, Tanya Mallard and Ashley Younger. Jordan Wells was a passenger who survived the crash. The safety board… Read More

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