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Can I Still File a Seafood Claim for the Gulf Oil Spill?

Although the deadline for filing seafood claims with the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center was January 22, 2013, the Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau just recently announced that some late filed seafood claims will still be considered. "Final Procedure… Read More

Gulf Oil Spill Economic Loss Claims--Get Paid As Quickly as Possible!

If you suffered economic losses or property damage as a result of the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill you need to make yourself aware of the details of the recent class action settlements, as the deadline to opt out of the settlement is October 1, 2012. The settlements… Read More

More Children Have Lead Poisoning Than Previously Thought.

Does your child have difficulties in school and/or evidence of a neurological injury that has not been medically diagnosed? Unexplained behavior problems? Well, it is possible that your child has lead poisoning. You see, until this week, children with… Read More

Claim Denied by GCCF? No Sweat! - Maryland Injury Lawyers Blog

If your business suffered losses as a result of the 2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill, and your claim was submitted to the GCCF and they denied your claim, DON'T GIVE UP! The recent settlement between BP and the Plaintiff Steering Committee will allow many businesses… Read More

Giving Up Your Rights Without Even Knowing It

Last Thursday, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals decided Murray v. TransCare, a case that has a lot to do with immunities. Let's talk about the back-story before we get to the substance of the case.The Back-storyMurray was litigated on the plaintiffs'… Read More

Dispersants Used by BP Linked to Cancer - Maryland Injury Lawyers Blog

A scary new report was just released indicating that there are 5 known cancer causing chemicals in the dispersant that BP chose to use to cleanup (well-actually just hide) the oil after the April 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The report can be… Read More

Plaintiff’s Score Another Win in Gulf Oil Spill Litigation

Just yesterday Judge Barbier, the Federal Judge overseeing the Gulf Oil Spill Litigation MDL, denied most of the Defendants motion to dismiss. The order applies to all private party plaintiffs (not to governments) who are claiming economic losses because… Read More

Punitive Damages in Maryland Gas Leak Case against Exxon

Get ready for a huge verdict coming out of Baltimore County this week. A Baltimore County jury will be awarding punitive damages in an environmental law gas leak case that is in Baltimore County Circuit Court before Judge Robert N. Dugan. The Maryland… Read More

Gulf Oil Spill’s Impact on Maryland and D.C. Seafood Industry

Those living in the Gulf States are not the only ones feeling the impact of the Gulf Oil Spill caused by British Petroleum. Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. businesses including wholesalers, seafood purchasers, retailers, restaurants and grocery… Read More

How the BP Oil Spill Update has Impacted the Shell Beach Community

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those impacted by the BP Oil Spill. This blog entry is about what I observed in Shell Beach as I drove through this community. But before I get to that, I want to provide some information about the claim process… Read More

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