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Thousands of Maryland Lead-Free Certifications May Be Incorrect

According to the state Department of the Environment, thousands of Maryland homes that were previously identified as lead-free, may actually be contaminated with the toxic element. The Maryland Department of the Environment, along with the Environmental… Read More

Lead Poisoning Still a Problem in Baltimore

Although the number of lead poisoning cases in Baltimore has dropped by 86 percent since 2002, the problem has not been eradicated and still continues to claim victims, mostly among the city's youth. According to a Baltimore Sun investigation, at least… Read More

Lead Paint Injuries

Lead is a naturally occurring metal in the earth's crust and before its toxicity was understood, found wide use in many products such as pottery, gasoline and paint. Once lead is ingested its effects can have negative impact on most systems of the body. Young… Read More

CDC: More Children Have Lead Poisoning Than Imagined

Does your child have difficulties in school and/or evidence of a neurological injury that has not been medically diagnosed? Unexplained behavior problems? Well, it is possible that your child has lead poisoning. You see, until this week, children with… Read More

Did D.C. Water Sewer Authority Mislead Public?

In 2003 and 2004 tap water in many Washington, D.C. homes had hundreds of times the lead levels considered safe, and this may have caused injury to children residing in the District of Columbia. The D.C. Water and Sewer Authority was apparently aware… Read More

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