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Shoulder Dystocia Injury Information

The medical malpractice department at Goldberg Finnegan handles a wide variety of cases. One of the types of cases they handle are when a baby is diagnosed with a permanent shoulder dystocia injury. A shoulder dystocia injury affects the nerves and causes… Read More

Reaching Their Full Potential

The initial diagnosis of cerebral palsy or mental retardation can be devastating to a family. The parents of children who have developed cerebral palsy come to us with many questions: What will their child be capable of in the future? Will their child… Read More

Hospital Performance Not Always in Line With Perception

Medicare recently released data that shows that hospitals that have been given high marks for patient care by patients are not always the safest hospitals. Some hospitals have high death rates for heart failure patients despite the fact that patients… Read More

$3,800,000 Million Dollar Maryland Medical Malpractice Verdict in Baltimore

This week a Baltimore City Jury compensated the family of a Catonsville, Maryland man $3,800,000.00 after finding his medical doctor's negligence caused him to die of breast cancer at just fifty four years old. Maryland's cap on non-economic damages in… Read More

Shoulder Dystocia - Erb's Palsy Jury Verdict

Yesterday our good friends David Kopstein and Barry Leibowitz obtained a verdict in a shoulder dystocia case in Manassas Virginia (Prince William County, VA). The Virginia jury verdict in this shoulder dystocia case was in the amount of $2.55 million.… Read More

Medical Malpractice Verdict in Montgomery County -Shady Grove Hospital

There was a $2.35 million dollar medical malpractice verdict against Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville, Maryland on Monday August 9, 2010. A 24-year-old Hispanic Silver Spring, Maryland lady was taken to Shady Grove by ambulance after having stomach pain.… Read More

Some Information For Our Virginia Friends

My cousin Judith Storey works for the Patient Advocacy Foundation, a non-profit in Hampton, Virginia. I find what she does fascinating and thought it might be a useful resource for our clients and friends in Virginia. The group administers the Virginia… Read More

Cap on Medical Malpractice Cases In Illinois Invalidated

The medical malpractice team at Goldberg Finnegan is pleased to report that on February 4, 2010 the Illinois Supreme Court invalidated the Illinois cap on non-economic damages finding that it violated the separation of powers doctrine in the Illinois… Read More

St. Joseph Medical Center Stent Surgery Lawyers

The lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan, LLC are investigating potential lawsuits relating to individuals who received a heart stent at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Towson, Maryland. Many of the patients who received heart stents at St. Joseph's Hospital… Read More

Preventable Medical Errors Are Killing 98,000 Americans Every Year

It has been known for years that over 98,000 Americans are needlessly dying every year at the hands of health care providers. Over 98,000! And yet, these ghastly figures continue even though they could be prevented. Dead by Mistake is a website with… Read More

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