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What May Cause Personal Injury Claims to go to Trial?

Generally, personal injury claims are resolved through a settlement between both parties. Compensation is usually paid by an insurance company. However, there are times when both parties cannot reach a settlement. Often, the insurance company’s settlement… Read More

Maximizing the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

When you or a loved one is injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another party, having an experienced attorney evaluate your claim in a free case review could be beneficial to your recovery process. The attorneys at Goldberg Finnegan can… Read More

The Dangers of Agreeing to a Personal Injury Settlement Quickly

Insurance companies are notorious for contacting personal injury victims immediately after an accident to try and settle the claim as quickly as possible. It is important to note that insurers who try to settle injury claims quickly are usually trying… Read More

Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Injury Claim

As an injured victim, there are several ways you could potentially hurt the value of your personal injury claim. These mistakes and oversights could result in reduced compensation or having your claim denied. Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney could… Read More

Coronavirus Concerns? Get Your Free Claim Review from Home

Concerned about coronavirus but injured from an accident? Goldberg Finnegan offers a free no-obligation consultation and electronic signups, so you never need to leave home to get experienced legal representation. Our initial legal consultation is completely… Read More

What Can You Discuss with a Lawyer in a Free Consultation?

Most reputable personal injury attorneys will provide potential clients with a free consultation and will not charge a fee unless they win your case. This is what is known as working on a contingency fee basis. The lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan work on… Read More

What is Pre-Litigation in a Personal Injury Claim?

When people think about personal injury cases, they often think of battling it out in court. However, the vast majority of cases settle before trial. In many instances, a lawsuit is never filed. Settlements could happen via insurance claims or the victim’s… Read More

The Value of Soft-Tissue Injuries in a Lawsuit

Although they are not talked about as much as other serious injuries, soft-tissue injuries often leave victims with lasting pain and other symptoms. If you suffer a soft-tissue injury that causes long-term effects, you may be eligible for significant… Read More

Liability for an Accident Involving an E-Scooter in Maryland

Shared electronic scooters give people in the urban areas of Maryland an alternative form of transportation to get around cities. However, when accidents occur, the question becomes, who will be responsible for damages? E-scooter accidents can cause… Read More

Injury Claims for Gym/Fitness Center Accidents

Injuries at gyms and fitness centers can be caused by everything from doing too many repetitions of an exercise to not doing enough stretching before a workout to wet floors in the locker room. The facility could potentially be held liable for an injury… Read More

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