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Liability for an Accident Involving an E-Scooter in Maryland

Shared electronic scooters give people in the urban areas of Maryland an alternative form of transportation to get around cities. However, if an accident happens, who will be liable for the damages? E-scooter accidents can cause serious injuries, especially… Read More

Injury Claims for Gym/Fitness Center Accidents

Injuries at gyms and fitness centers can be caused by everything from doing too many repetitions of an exercise to not doing enough stretching before a workout to wet floors in the locker room. The facility could potentially be held liable for an injury… Read More

Learn More About Why Jury Duty is So Important

When many people find a juror summons in their mailbox, they immediately try to think of some way they can get out of it. They may think this is a duty for someone else because they have kids or do not want to miss work. However, the right to a trial… Read More

Can Property Owners Be Held Liable for Falls Caused by Snow or Ice?

As temperatures drop and you encounter snow or ice on other’s properties, it is important to be careful to avoid a slip and fall. These accidents can cause severe injuries that could require long recovery times. The damages from these injuries can be… Read More

Paying Medical Expenses While Waiting for a Lawsuit Settlement

If you were hurt in a car crash, slip and fall or other type of incident caused by another person’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation for your damages. However, any compensation you are awarded will not be paid out until the end of the… Read More

What Happens if an Injury Victim is Too Disabled to Meet with a Lawyer?

Sometimes, a personal injury is so severe the victim is mentally incapacitated. He or she may have a case for negligence against the party that caused his or her injury, but how is he or she supposed to pursue compensation? Fortunately, there is a way… Read More

When Can Settlement Negotiations Start and When Can Releases from Liability be Voided?

Maryland restricts at-fault parties from starting settlement negotiations with injury victims before a certain point. There are also laws on when settlements that release at-fault parties from further claims can be voided and liability for parties not… Read More

Preserving Evidence for a Personal Injury Claim

When you get injured in an accident, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for the damages your injuries have caused. There are certain steps you can take that may help preserve your claim, such as trying to preserve evidence at the scene. Contact… Read More

Things NOT to Do When Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Dealing with an injury caused by the actions of someone else is often difficult, especially when you miss time from work and are struggling to pay the bills and provide for your family. Even though you are in desperate need of compensation from a personal… Read More

Signs Your Insurance Company May Be Acting in Bad Faith to Avoid Paying a Claim

Your insurance company owes you a duty to act in good faith when handling insurance claims. Despite this, insurers often act in bad faith. They may do a poor job of communicating, wrongfully deny your claim or fail to thoroughly investigate. These actions… Read More

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