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MTA Vehicles Collide, Injure Dozens

Early this morning, two MTA buses collided injuring nearly 30 people in Baltimore. According to the Maryland Transit Administration, an MTA Mobility Van meant for physically disabled people collided with a larger MTA bus at approximately 7:12 a.m. at… Read More

Maryland Court of Special Appeals Allows Damages for Emotional Distress after Injuries to Pets

For nearly all of legal history, pet animals have been treated as property items with little value. People who filed lawsuits over an injury to, or the death of a pet were limited to recovering the actual market value of the animal, and could not recover… Read More

Eggshell Skulls: When Accidents Make Medical Conditions Worse

Many people go through daily life with serious injuries or medical conditions. Since no one can live life in a protective bubble, sometimes car crashes or other accidents happen to people with pre-existing conditions. When your illness or injury is aggravated… Read More

NTSB Investigating Maryland Airplane Accident in Frederick

There was a tragic collision between a helicopter and an airplane in Frederick Maryland on Thursday October 23, 2014. The Three people in the helicopter died in the crash. The three individuals who died are Christopher Parsons, William Jenkins and Brendan… Read More

D.C. Council Considering Change in the Way Cyclists Can Recover After a Collision

If you drive in the D.C. area, you have probably noticed the massive increase in bicyclists on the roadways. With the advent of bike-sharing programs and larger bicycling lanes, record numbers of cyclists are using their bikes to avoid traffic inside… Read More

Four Things to Remember during Your Free Consultation

No matter why you have decided to consult a lawyer, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make the best use of your free consultation. Goldberg Finnegans team encourages all of our potential clients to come to us with concerns or questions, but the… Read More

Escalator Accidents

Aside from elevators and stairs, escalators are a common way to get from one floor to another, especially in places like Maryland shopping centers. People don't usually think of escalators as dangerous, or that they pose any sort of threat. However,… Read More

Burn Injuries

Burns can not only damage through all the layers of skin, muscle, nerve ending with excruciating pain, but is mentally and psychologically scarring as well. The horrifying experience is hard to grasp unless you have experienced it, and if you have then… Read More

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) occur when there is a sudden trauma to the head that results in damage to the brain. A person who has suffered a head trauma resulting in a TBI has received a complex injury that can have devastating consequences. The… Read More

Washington DC Roadway Construction

Road and highway construction site accidents are a common occurrence. Many people have been injured or killed due to this type of accident. If you or a family member has been injured or killed in this type of accident it is important to find an attorney… Read More

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